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In October, 2016, we visited the Maryhill Stonehenge, a facsimile of Stonehenge that commemorates the fallen of WWI from the area of Maryhill, WA.

from Wikipedia: The Maryhill Stonehenge :

The Maryhill Stonehenge is a replica of England's Stonehenge located in Maryhill, Washington. It was commissioned in the early twentieth century by businessman Samuel Hill and dedicated on July 4, 1918, as a memorial to those who had died in World War I. The memorial was completed in 1929. It is constructed of concrete.

Here are some of our photos from that visit:

NEW PODCAST!!! - "CONTINUITY by Sheppard and Patrick

2.24.17 - Bret Colin Sheppard and Karen Christine Patrick team up for a new podcast concept called "CONTINUITY." In recent months, the research team has been tasked to bring new information toward disclosure and they chose the Spreaker platform for this new podcast.

Here the introduction episode here:

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Our journey into space has been the most exciting adventure 
known to human kind. This unique book looks deeper into some of the lesser known aspects of our space programs and into the possibilities of a secret space program. We are very proud of our time we shared with Dr. Ken Johnston Sr. as we explore what really happened at the Johnson Space Center, and the truth behind his story of the lunar base he saw in a 16 mm film in 1971 after the flight of Apollo 14. We are happy to share what we have discovered together since that fateful day. We hope the information in this book is thought provoking and useful to researchers and UFO enthusiasts of today and in the future. Disclosure comes from our human experiences, and we are listening.

THE ANUNNAKI AND THE MOON by Karen Christine Patrick



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Did the Anunnaki have a presence on the moon? What do the ancient texts say about this possibility? What new data has come to light to support this idea?

The ancient story suggests a solar-system wide presence and involvement specifically on the moon. Karen Christine Patrick brings new, interesting photos from unique sources. Patrick is an experiencer, a person who has had contact with otherworldly beings.

Patrick is an author, editor, and radio personality. She lives in New Mexico with her family and two dogs.

Introduction from " Digital Moon " by Bret C. Sheppard


To the future; We are artists and experts at visual perception as we use our subtle but efficient abilities to determine what we see and even more important how we see things. I hope that this book is an inspiration to those who see the world differently, in particular those who see the world multi-dimensional as it should be. We live in a naturalized matrix in which all things are possible yet it seems that in any attempt to make sense of the non-consensual items we loose the ability to communicate because the arguments are set in a space of bias and instilled thought that is only part of our natural thought process. It seems to me that early experiments into subconscious precognition and perception were not in vain after all. These processes are simply a natural part of human evolution and at one time everyone had those abilities before science and religion put our perception of reality into a contrived box. These abilities lay dormant in the human bio mind as a reminder of our extraterrestrial influences of the meaning of life, the perception around us, and the nature or complexities of space. It is thought of today in absolutes to those in their programmed comfort zone. I think of this field as an illustrative deluge of thought that is in constant change within the light information possibilities that can be deciphered from each individual. Humanity collectively holds each and every piece to the big puzzle of who we are, how we got here, and were we are going. We are all very special in a natural world, though we are told that we are less important in our artificial matrix called the program. I have learned so much from skeptical friends who kept things in our reality for us, however there are dimensional layers to consider concerning our consensus. There is a psychology when it comes to skepticism as well, an underlying fear that pops up in disdain, anger, and other emotions when dealing with subjects completely unfamiliar to the comforting, rewarding program of conformed consensus and the attempts to deal with their own ancient loss of freedom. I have an in-depth understanding of this type of loyalty that has been paid for by those concerned with media control, keeping subjects at bay that mirror emotional triggers that could possibly disrupt anyone's comfort zone, and destroy any sense of the imagination. These comfort zones lay within belief systems that are in place as a safeguard or locked gate which is why I choose to let spirituality come to me instead of carrying on an inherent belief system that does not belong to me. The material in this book is about my journey of discovery, and only an addition to belief systems already in place. My goal is to inspire creativity so to not disrupt potential that is already in the morphogenic field which include our dreams, archetypes and beliefs about our reality. We all have the inalienable right to imagine and dream for they are the communicative portals into our true reality.
The frequency of our lives is recorded or imprinted in light and space time, for those of future past to see on devices that accidentally tune into a frequency of the same. A snapshot of a moment is remembered by the universe, sometimes as an amalgam of collective consciousness. Many would not think the moon has anything to do with human origins, yet my research has taken me to places that I didn’t think was possible. The ancients venerated the moon a great deal, and even had moon Gods and Goddesses. Imagine how surprised I was to see their faces and stories hidden within our Lunar images. They were a set of clippings from Lunar photographs that were colorized exactly the way I do today with the anomalies, working with Grey scale images. When the lady from SRI showed me these lunar clippings a long time ago they were in color, though I know today that the original images were at least made for the public in BW. We are literally looking at another dimension through art and through the vales of illusion. The illusion part is the interesting part because ET's or human ET’s take into consideration our perception, subconscious, and other aspects of our natural human abilities to see through things. Human telepathy is a natural part of life. Telepathy tells us when something is wrong in the immediate future, lets us know when someone is feeling bad, or if were in danger. This is coupled with perception just convoluted enough for telepathy to have a built in plausible deniability which is essential, since direct observation of the act of telepathy doesn't work. Telepathy is an involuntary response that normally doesn't work on cue. It is a communication with our natural abilities or higher self that is effected, and we feel it, when it happens. It is an emotional communication sometimes with mental images, usually just a feeling but however it is defined, it is still a part of our lives. Extraterrestrials can use these abilities to communicate any ideas or thoughts. They are like hidden picture puzzles at times that play with the left and right brain in a dance until the image becomes focused in our minds. These imaginative sigils cause an emotional response in the the one who perceives, and was the building blocks of all Earth languages. I don’t think science can adequately explain this phenomena, though I think it has everything to do with human perception, and that is my overall focus for this material.
Xemena Zurita from Stanford Research Institute showed me slides of these things for hours when I was fifteen years old. Today I am thirty five years older and actually seeing the same images from when I was fifteen years old embedded in black and white Lunar Orbiter space images of the moon as well as Mars Orbiter camera images of Mars, showing the public the exact same images I saw thirty five years ago. I have found many more since then and I am getting them from the interlaced embedded images from NASA's space imagery. It was somehow my own work they showed me from the future when I was young or so it is perceived at least in my mind. Today Xemena Zurita still works for Stanford and may not recall or isn’t allowed to tell me that was in fact her, but I know deep down that it was her, and have less questions about, “why me ?”.
Demons, angels, and aliens have been put into the same category and for good reason they are all the same as experienced by humans in the sense that they are belief systems, but it gets more complex. There are people that have experienced some or all of these things in our 3d world. The possible basis for the cognition experiment, may have been, to bridge this reality and the lie that these things are mythical and not real, with the fact that they can't always hide a defined reality of human experience. A human experience is just that, and is proof for that individual, one individual at a time, see's the unbelievable, and when enough see this there is a hundredth monkey effect, which in turn can change reality and shift time lines. There are still government agents that would rather the majority think these isolated incidences are illusions requiring a belief system to even consider them. Those who experience these things for themselves could never again scrape the incidence out of their reality. It is more likely that the thing people have a hard time proving really happened to them in some fashion or another, and given the amount of experimentation done on the population, I can say without any doubt that what I experienced when I was fifteen years old was real, and today I have found thousands of embedded lunar images to show for it. Humanity is generally balanced, because nature is their true nature. We live in a world of illusions, where each and every one of us has to come to grips with our own ancient loss of freedom, or disillusion. We are here to regain our strength, and return the dragon once again for the sake of humanity, so that the corruption can end. We are all free not because someone told us we are, but have always been free to truly see our world. I know we will find it, and not out of sinisism, but from the spirit of the ancestors for which we are and have always been the once and future kings and queens that were talked about in those dark days of the cave before we saw the light at the end of the tunnel, the light of the warm sun. We don't need to hide anymore. We are alive in one other. Good or bad, we are the same in the darkness, as we are in the light.
It's strange to wake every morning knowing you've done this before, completely aware that this is a very familiar time line, as an active participant in an ongoing déjà vu . It is strange to constantly know the immediate future, to have seen an extremely rare lunar image and know for a fact that you've seen pieces of it before. It is possible that these things that I have seen in the past are merely aspects of the future. One thing I know is, Xemena showed me physical images from a future, that I am showing today. It has been a long time since 1982 when I saw my first space anomalies, of course they were presented to me under a strange context. She showed them to me as if it was art painted by different artists.
When I started the Lunar Anomaly Research Society thirty five years later, I began finding those mysterious images that I saw when I was fifteen embedded in Lunar composite images and Mars images from our space agencies. I may have been shown my own work from the future who knows. I certainly have continued to investigate these things because it was very disturbing to me that the people involved back then do not recall the events. I found too many identical images embedded within our space images for it to be a coincidence. I remember the name of the lady that showed them to me, and every image she showed me. I don't know what it means yet, but back then she asked me how I felt about them and what they were. She said she was from Stanford Research Institute. Thirty five years later I called her as well as teachers on the phone, that they might remember her, and all of them stated that they did not recall. Mr. Mikrut also said that it would have been highly unusual to have a guest speaker backin 1982. I know that the past event must mean something. When I am looking at the images embedded in Lunar photos I feel like I am communicating with extraterrestrial entities and have learned so much about our ancient history, differing from the history we have been taught. I have learned a lot about extraterrestrial culture and about their intentions, which have always been for the most part peaceful, but not without agenda. If I had learned anything it would be that we are not alone. They have always been with us and in many cases we are no different than those we call extraterrestrial or inter-dimensional. I had described them, but when I do, I immediately get jumped on by religious people who have a militarized religion that conveys to them, that they are the enemy or demons. It couldn't be farther from the truth. They are no more or less evil than any human. I find that they are highly creative goddess loving entities, and very clever at math, science, and art, at least that is the case with my experiences with them. Our Military on Earth seem to want, to make enemies out of ET's which is a very sick thing to me. As usual they are only making enemies of themselves through false flags and demoralization.
Proving something has never been my intention. It is such an obscure subject that it seems beyond anything that facilitates comprehension, but I care personally, because I am directly communicated with by these beings, and with my own past. I see the space images so differently like an action comic. It is like a story board to me. I have run into other things along my path to know. One of those things would be the truth about our Lunar images. They are highly doctored and the embedding seems to occur during digital reduction. This is something they just didn't have the ability to do in the 60's or even the 80's. It told me that these current colored images were based on old lunar orbiter grey scale images from the 60’s, but also told me, that these colored images may not have originated from my past, and was the trigger for my future investigation of them.
If the moon is an actuality in our JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) space images, Prove it ! Just as in a UFO case, the burden of proof falls on the image owners experience. The only one who can really know if an image represents the experience, is the experiencer, whether it be the astronaut taking the picture with a Hassleblad camera or an individual capturing a UFO on film. MUFON should investigate the UFO's we call planets, asteroids, stars, and moons in our space images because how in the world would we know if they shot that film in a studio or actually of the Moon or Mars. The burden of proof does in fact fall on those who are able to respond and have control over the media produced. That was left to science, which in my opinion failed at providing actual proof that they did in fact land on the moon. I believe JPL(Jet Propulsion Laboratory) formerly the Johnson Space Center, has created a complexity half truths, regarding our space images, because they did in fact artistically manipulate them to hide something, allegedly a secret space program which in the beginning of these space programs they were separated and each of the armed forces had their individual idea of a space program which was consolidated into what I call a front organization for public perception. This front organization became NASA. The National Aeronautics and Space Act was passed on July 29, 1958, disestablishing NASA's predecessor, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA). The new agency became operational on October 1, 1958. under the close watchful eye of the Department of Defense, and the Defense Intelligence Agency. They may have did this to protect us from the truth of what was really on the moon or to hide that they didn’t actually get a man on the surface without E.T. help, after all it was the cold war and at the time we were showing our military capabilities and might, to our so called nuclear enemies. It is my belief that the later is true that they were hiding what was really there as well as their true technological capabilities inherited from extraterrestrials. What a shame that I am now a child of the future and I have to go on beliefs, when by now we should have school shuttles to the moon and back as field trips. I know of course that celestial bodies exist, but are we being shown these things in their full disclosure? I am a very skeptical person, but my human experience challenges my own perception. I have been involved with government programs and feel most people have who live in the United States of America that have ever been through the public school system, where the curriculum is completely controlled by the government and a cadre of psychologists. If extraterrestrials were just a cover up for secret government programs, then what if what was used as a cover up, turned out to be true even to those who used it as an excuse? I have seen their advanced technology, and I have also seen their alien agenda cover up with my own eyes. Both are true. Extraterrestrials exist and we also have a secret space program who are both concerned with continuity. This continuity does not necessarily benefit all within our current paradigm, but for the most part we are alive.
I have been studying space images with the conclusion that they are both real, and manipulated with themed embedded art that ended up on the images digitally somehow. Through the process of enhancing our old space images something amazing happened in the process. There is an overall esoteric and occult themes embedded in the Lunar images that is closely reflective of Rosicrucian Templar belief systems and subject matter. This may stem from WWII NAZI Germany Utopian Socialist agendas having to do with Vril energy technology, and evident information gathered from secret societies of the Third Reich of the Holy Roman Empire. There is also some kind of Aryan agenda with our military Industrial complex that carried over with the scientists of project paperclip for which I will go into more detail later.
Why would people rather have a mystery (the unknown) rather than to get at historical truths? Are we ready for disclosure? Who are the fact givers? Who are the Authors of our history? What history or time line will be disclosed when ever there is a disclosure? I have to rely on my own experiences and memory of the past, hoping we are all connected with a universal understanding of any given truth. Our space images are real enough as far as planetary topography given to us to believe, but have been embedded with a graphic hidden history, Perhaps the camera was at the right light frequency to pick up ET information or the etheric, whether it be subconscious reference that was inserted during digital enhancements, or purposefully done to retain a record of an ancient galactic history. What I am seeing over and over in the embedded art of our space images, are subjects from secret order belief systems going back to ancient Black Sea belief systems of the Danube River Valley, such as the Teutonic Order having to do with Aryan origins, Originally called Lords of the Black Stone. These orders can be followed back to the Illuminate, Rosicrucian, and Knights Templar and Hermetic order from the older Gnostic traditions. These societies protected information and sought out ancient technologies for the purposes of physical superiority over other tribes. It is a fact that these hidden family tribes do control our physical world through religious and military technologies. The societies are secret to this day. The Anasazi (Pre-Columbian) Anunaki (pre-Sumerian), Hanunaki ( Ancient Dacia /Thracian) themes date back to pre-Illyrian epochs. Jesuit priests of the Roman Catholic church persecuted the Knights Templar, Cathars and Rosicrucian’s during medieval times, there has always been this game of thrones with God Kings and Religious leaders who fight for power. Some orders, or factions there of, though given a bad name, where the sanctified ancient Gnostic orders and Templar's trying to preserve human history as it actually happened without religious or any other bias, which would account for their persecution by the Holy Roman Empire as seen in recently opened Vatican files.
Human experience is the smoking gun. We live in an illusion anyway. We know for sure that the images are digitally enhanced for the public at the very least by the LOIRP (Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project) and they are doing a wonderful job, but The images look vastly different from the originals under closer inspection of pixels and image data, as well as color if applicable. Ken Johnston Sr. And Donna Hare and Sgt. Karl Wolf have come forward to say they worked in NASA image departments and say as fact that they witnessed direct tampering of original negatives took place before full print scans were made, who say they saw bases, technology or UFO's in the moon images that were airbrushed out. This is from their human experience same as tribe elders would do, telling the story for the next generation. Because records can be manipulated and were, it is more historically accurate to get the story from the persons who experienced them. Which is exactly what I did.
In the early days of our vast history we met our masked progenitors. We are the same as those multidimensional creatures, as we too wear our embodied masks. Social media has yet given us another mask as it is just another form of secret society. Inspiration from these entities which we are, came from those masked onto energetic beings who tried to teach us art, science and math for the benefit of humanity. These ideas were perverted and misunderstood by the elite, but remained secret and true, yet behind another mask responsible for the propagation of our species or to put it another way, the passing on of our masks. The occult (hidden) meaning of our origins has a sad underlying human truth. We are all ET's and all onto energetic beings with pretty much the same desire to survive in uncertain times. The uncertainty is simply occult knowledge that is hidden in plain sight behind the vale ( masquerade) of secrecy. Many human societies function the same behind this vale. There are those who misinterpret this as a threat because of superstition. Religion has played a major role in hunting these benevolent entities whom they feel are demonic or immoral. They are called by many names such as black eyed beings, black eyed kids, little Hercules ( Harlequin), Mothmen, Shadow People, Men in Black, and the name I was given through communications in art and dreams ( the Paraquin ). David Weatherly a researcher and authority on the black eyed kids said that in his research of people who witnessed these beings feel traumatized after the incident. David is right they are inter-dimensional and the Vatican has known about them for centuries even secret societies have been formed around them in Scotland and France. They actually have no eyes , no reflection and are some of the oldest entities on Earth. They are not demons and show up at times when Humanity is stuck or jeopardizing their own safety, sometimes these beings show up as an omen to change a time line or get the time line back on track, and sometimes for an individuals protection as was my experience. The stories of these shadow beings are all throughout history, an example of this type of being who was trying to protect people from a future tragedy was expressed during the Mothman incident. I have been communicating with these being through art for 35 years. I saw David in Albuquerque, NM recently and he confirmed that they have no reflection in their eyes. I was happy to hear that from the research I have done, it was subtle but validating. There is nothing to fear with these beings really except the fear we have built in from what we are taught by religious beliefs and films. They have guided us the whole time through science, art and artistic expression that allows us to familiarize ourselves with the spells we call names , space, time and prayer. We are much older as the masks we wear. The main secret society involved with the education about these beings is called The Silent Still Society. According to their official website the society was Re-founded in 1883 by Archibald Young and Levi Higgins, The Silent Still Society continues its rich history of creative expression, helping people break free from their personal Hell’s, and inspiring the pursuit of personal growth and living to ones full potential.
"Mauger the Society's vile past under the Holy See, we strive for a new age of The Silent Still Society. Away with an era of cruel experiments and manipulations of power for our own benefit. We shall march forward with a powerful mission to inspire others, break the bonds that bind them, and help them truly live with all rectitude and the creative force that was bestowed upon us by shining light on the shadows we have kept in dark places."
-Levi Higgins at The First Grand Meeting of The Silent Still Society, 1884 
I have a friend that completely believes that these beings are demons or Djinn from far east and fundamentalist Christian belief systems, and whatever we believe about these beings, a pattern emerges that reflects the mirror aspect of our selves. One pattern emerges they come around when there is impending doom, and usually out of concern as these beings were never reported doing harm, though psychological trauma has occurred.
Our tribe literally incarnates as the next grand or great grand child is born after our physical disembodiment. This is the true nature of our survival. One reason they wear masks is because they would be judged on appearance and perceived inhuman by ritualistic humans. Those with a biased religious upbringing may perceive them as demons or ghosts. Another reason is some have no eyes, because they are invisible without clothing or makeup, and some are of the either and are made of just energy, some just the Gnostic’s of old. We fit into this category of entity, because our spirit inhabits a body, without a body we are invisible, yet very much alive.
There are many reasons why they are fully clothed and wear masks the main one is that they are energetic vibrant beings and want to be seen. On their planet and ours, they rather like dressing and their preferred custom is masquerade in the Victorian style. In their ancient history they dressed like Indians with a bit more flare. One thing I can say is, that it is inspired by space cultures one being our own. They exaggerate our features when they try to morph into something that looks like us, but end up with big noses and other features we would see as undesirable. These are the beings that taught me how to have an OBE, so I didn't have to feel undesirable energies or trauma. Unfortunately, there are fundamentalist religious cults that try to hunt them. They are harmless, and have only taught us great things, Religion and science are the same camp it is adversary creation and both pervert the truth about everything. Science, especially ideas about evolution where created by religious leaders to reinforce their own theories and philosophical views. Our science is based on lies and half truths and UN-provable theories ( fantasy). Some secret societies and families of old are the worst, because they seem to think its for our own good when it’s truly to benefit themselves.
Based in part by the work of Nicolae Densușianu and his research on prehistoric Dacia and the Hyperborian age, as well as my own conclusions based on embedded images within our lunar images that correlate with prehistoric Dacian and Pelagian pre-Greek pantheons, First there were the people of the North, ( Atlan’s, Vinca), then the Pelagian’s , migrating east to Scythia and the Caucus mountains (survivors of the Black Sea flood, sea people) then the great Hellenistic cultures, Phrygia, Thracia, Illyria, then Sumerian god king cultures.This in my opinion is a correct time line for ancient history, of course there is a broader complexity. The point being that there existed great civilizations prior to Sumeria.
These beings called by many names such as, Archons, ghosts, Fairies, goblins, Tuate de Daanan, Sidhe folk, and ents, have always been demonized by various religions. When I was in Germany, I did a drawing of one of them. The harlequin lives in modern pantomime, a posturing and acrobatic character who gives his name to the 'harlequinade', attired in mask and party colored spangled sometimes, diamond checkered tights, a charismatic, mysterious and powerful figure provided with a sword like a bat, by which, himself invisible, he works wonders. In French form the harlequin was a spirit of the air, thus deriving his characteristic invisibility. Subsequently the harlequin was imported into light comedy; and his various attributes were gradually amalgamated in his pantomime form. Comedy was their mask.
When our space agencies release images to the public, what are we really looking at ?
Can digital information come from another dimension ?
“The New Physics has given us an inner view of symmetrical energy transformation. What they have been trying to utilize is actually energy flow from a 5th dimensional plane. Our 4th dimensional plane is actually supplied by a 5th dimensional universe layer. They have been mislead by the belief of the existence of dark matter, which is actually the 5th dimensional universal domain. Energy flows from a higher dimensional universe layer to the next lower dimensional universe layer. We can measure these in digital format, since our present equipment are designed to do so.
Extradimensionals are vibrating at multiples of the velocity of light , which is the velocity of time. Our present digital data tech is based on the existence of quantized energy transformation. This is what we measure. In other words, this is how we can communicate with the higher dimensional space-time travelers. The New Physics proves that no material object can travel faster than the speed of light, because it is the speed of time. Nothing can go faster than time. Light velocity is measured at constant magnitude, as measured at our definite dimensional position, at all universal planes of Life (UPL). We are intelligent beings within our 4-dimensional universe layers. Likewise, there are also intelligent beings traveling within the 5-dimensional universe layers. We are like their shadows, so to speak”.
- Dr. Gerino Macias, PHD in physics, quantum physics -
Those 5th dimensional beings who I know well are communicating with me exactly that way, through our space images as well as others, “they” have slipped it in during the digital enhancement of our old space images. Perhaps as some kind of answer, or just to teach us ancient history its all in there if the eyes are able to solve puzzles.
Whether the extra terrestrial is the soul of man or 5th dimensional beings, it is all the same to me, the digital age has given them a way to communicate with us here on earth through images. This is similar to the orb phenomena to were a 5th dimensional being has the ability to attach energies to low valence particles like dust, or moisture in the air. These beings are always with us and yes specific communication is happening in all of our images, not just of space. I believe that the image manipulation is intentional by humans at the LOIRP, and they would tell you it is to make the images look better, and I believe those contractors are being honest about that. What happened when they did that ? Well during the digital enhancement of these space images ET's and collective conscious 5th dimensional information came through just as a frequency or voice EVP gets onto analog tape or an ultrasound image. This is extraordinary in light of the fact that the data came directly from space and the image film was literally processed by a robot in Lunar orbit. I hope to open the doors of this because, it is not impossible. The information technically is embedded like a puzzle picture using a matte process over real Lunar Topography in some cases within the complexity. I can actually tell the difference between what Disney slipped in to cover up extraordinary evidence of ET communication. Our space agency will not look at this scientific discovery seriously, but at some point on my time line they sent these images back to the past to show the 15 yr old boy that would eventually discover this in the future, so someone knew.
In his notebooks, Leonardo da Vinci wrote:
I cannot forbear to mention among these precepts a new device for study which, although it may seem but trivial and almost ludicrous, is nevertheless extremely useful in arousing the mind to various inventions. And this is, when you look at a wall spotted with stains, or with a mixture of stones, if you have to devise some scene, you may discover a resemblance to various landscapes, beautified with mountains, rivers, rocks, trees, plains, wide valleys and hills in varied arrangement; or again you may see battles and figures in action; or strange faces and costumes, and an endless variety of objects, which you could reduce to complete and well drawn forms. And these appear on such walls confusedly, like the sound of bells in whose jangle you may find any name or word you choose to imagine. - excerpt from “ Digital Moon” by Bret C. Sheppard

The Los Lunas Decalogue Stone

West of Los Lunas, New Mexico. Near the river and old settlement of Rio Puerco

I believe the writing occurred during Spanish Indian War (Pueblo Revolt) 1500's written by an early colonist during the Spanish inquisition which targeted what they called Converso Jewish meaning forced to convert to Catholicism for fear of death from the inquisition. Some of these early pioneers of New mexico were in fact secret Jews practicing their religion in secret places like the location of the Decalogue Stone. full story here Secret Jews In The Southwest

The official story

     The Los Lunas Decalogue Stone is a large boulder on the side of Hidden Mountain, near Los Lunas, New Mexico, about 35 miles (56 km) south of Albuquerque, that bears a very regular inscription carved into a flat panel. The stone is also known as the Los Lunas Mystery Stone or Commandment Rock. The inscription is interpreted to be an abridged version of the Decalogue or Ten Commandments in a form of Paleo-Hebrew. A letter group resembling the tetragrammaton YHWH, or "Yahweh," makes three appearances. The stone is controversial in that some claim the inscription is Pre-Columbian, and therefore proof of early Semitic contact with the Americas.


     The first recorded mention of the stone is in 1933, when the late professor Frank Hibben (1910-2002), an archaeologist from the University of New Mexico, saw it. According to a 1996 interview, Hibben was "convinced the inscription is ancient and thus authentic. He reported that he first saw the text in 1933. At the time it was covered with lichen and patination and was hardly visible. He was taken to the site by a guide who had seen it as a boy, back in the 1880s." However, Hibben's testimony is tainted by charges that in at least two separate incidents, he fabricated some or all of his archaeological data to support his pre-Clovis migration theory.

     The reported 1880s date of discovery is important to those who believe that the stone is pre-Columbian. However, the Paleo-Hebrew script, which is closely related to the Phoenician script, was well known by at least 1870, thus not precluding the possibility of a modern hoax.
     Because of the stone's weight of over 80 tons, it was never moved to a museum or laboratory for study and safekeeping. Many visitors have cleaned the stone inscriptions over the years, likely destroying any possibility for scientific analysis of the inscriptions' patina. Nevertheless, comparing it to a modern inscription nearby, geologist George E. Morehouse, a colleague of Barry Fell, estimated that the inscription could be between 500 and 2000 years old and explaining its freshness and lack of patina as being due to frequent scrubbing to make it more visible.

In April 2006, the first line of the unprotected inscription was obliterated by vandals.

Visitors to the site are required to purchase a $25 Recreational Access Permit from the New Mexico State Land Office.


     Modern Samaritan mezuzah over doorway. Kiryat Luza, Mount Gerizim.
Archaeolinguist Cyrus Gordon has proposed that the Los Lunas Decalogue is a Samaritan mezuzah. The familiar Jewish mezuzah is a tiny scroll placed in a small container mounted by the entrance to a house. The ancient Samaritan mezuzah, on the other hand, was commonly a large stone slab placed by the gateway to a property or synagogue, and bearing an abridged version of the Decalogue. On historical and epigraphic grounds, Gordon regards the Byzantine period as the most likely for the inscription. The Samaritan alphabet is a direct descendant of the Paleo-Hebrew alphabet.

     One argument against the stone's antiquity is its apparent use of modern Hebrew (or otherwise atypical) punctuation, though amateur epigrapher Barry Fell argued that the punctuation is consistent with antiquity. Other researchers dismiss the inscription based on the numerous stylistic and grammatical errors that appear in the inscription.

     According to archaeologist Kenneth Feder, "the stone is almost certainly a fake." He points out that "the flat face of the stone shows a very sharp, crisp inscription..." His main concern however is the lack of any archaeological context. He argues that to get to the location of the stone would have required whoever inscribed it to have "stopped along the way, encamped, eaten food, broken things, disposed of trash, performed rituals, and so on. And those actions should have left a trail of physical archaeological evidence across the greater American Southwest, discovery of which would undeniably prove the existence of foreigners in New Mexico in antiquity with a demonstrably ancient Hebrew material culture..." and states that "There are no pre-Columbian ancient Hebrew settlements, no sites containing the everyday detritus of a band of ancient Hebrews, nothing that even a cursory knowledge of how the archaeological record forms would demand there would be. From an archaeological standpoint, that's plainly impossible."

Similar landmarks

     The Los Lunas Decalogue Stone is often grouped with the Kensington Runestone, Dighton Rock, and the Newport Tower as examples of American landmarks with disputed provenances. Other disputed American Hebrew inscriptions include the Smithsonian Institution's Bat Creek Inscription and the Newark Ohio Decalogue Stone, Keystone, and Johnson-Bradner Stone.

The correct History of the area says something more about the location of the stone.

Francisco Vázquez de Coronado went to New Spain (present-day Mexico) in 1535 at about age 25, in the entourage of its first Viceroy, Antonio de Mendoza, the son of his father's patron and Coronado's personal friend. In New Spain, he married twelve-year-old Beatriz de Estrada, called "the Saint" (la Santa), sister of Leonor de Estrada, ancestor of the de Alvarado family and daughter of Treasurer and Governor Alonso de Estrada y Hidalgo, Lord of Picón, and wife Marina Flores Gutiérrez de la Caballería, from a converso Jewish family. Coronado inherited a large portion of a Mexican encomendero estate through Beatriz and had eight children by her.

note "converso Jewish"; Jewish who converted to Catholicism......since the inscription on the stone is partially Hebrew this is a clue.

"Eidsmoe cited other explanations include that it was chiseled by “Native Americans of Hebrew origin” or it was made as a prank to play a joke on some professor. The oral statements that the carvings existed as early as 1800 tend to minimize the contemporary joke option, and the age is hard to determine exactly because the stone has been marked with graffiti and cleaned, since it is open to the public and not protected.

Eidsmoe then suggested an alternative to hoax or ancient writing: the possibility of the presence of those with a biblical faith in southwestern North America in the 1500s or 1600s.

He explained how when King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella freed Spain from Muslim domination they decreed Jews in Spain must either become Christian or leave. Many stayed and converted, “at least externally.” They were called conversos.

Some of those then came with the conquistadors to the Western Hemisphere and settled in New Mexico, which to this day remains thick with the evidence of Spanish presence.

“I suggest that sometime in the 1500s, 1600s, or thereafter, to honor the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, a Jewish converso carved the Ten Commandments … to memorialize the covenant his people had made with Jehovah in the days of Moses,” Eidsmoe said.

“This would explain the aging of the inscription and its presence … It could also explain why the maker of the inscription, who may have known Hebrew only as a second language, would have aligned the characters at the bottom as would have been done in English … would have used spacing and punctuation and might have shaped some letters more like the Greek alphabet."


Spain originally governed the territory of New Mexico from 1540 to 1821, then from 1821 to 1845 under the Mexican flag. Before the thirteen original (American) colonies signed the declaration of independence in 1776, people born in the Belen colony were already thirty-six years old. By the time of the American conquest in 1848, several generations of Belenites had been established during the interim hundred years. The ranching and cowboy culture was originally brought to what is modern day United States of America by the Spanish colony established by Don Juan de Onate and 560 original colonists in the year 1598, almost a decade before the establishment of Jamestown, Virginia, and almost a quarter century before the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts. The American West was indeed born in New Mexico, including Valencia County, the heart, the nativity of New Mexico. The first ranches and cowboy culture evolved right here along the Rio Grande River over a period of over four hundred years. As the descendents of the Onate colonization in El Rio Arriba, (upper river valley), gained ownership of northern New Mexico lands, new generations of Spanish settlers gradually moved south in search of new cultivatable farmland. By 1740, the movement reached El Rio Abajo, (Lower River valley). A group of citizens from Alburquerque, which was founded in 1706, was looking south to improve their lot. The original Belen Land Grant consisted of approximately 200,000 acres extending from the Rio Puerco on the west to the Manzano Mountains on the east, and from the north from the Tome Land Grant and Los Chavez, to the south by the town of Bernardo. To Indian crops like corn, beans, squash, pumpkins, chili, and melons, the Belen colonists added crops such as oats, wheat, and all kinds of fruit trees as well as European livestock such as sheep, horses, cattle, goats, chickens, and pigs. These first settlers built adobe homes with hornos to make bread, which required the use of Spanish yeast. Some of these Spanish settlers continued developing the cowboy, (vaqueros), and ranching industry while others specialized in grand farms. The Belen
land was fertile and despite regular attacks from wild Apache and Comanche Indians, the colony thrived and grew. Working together with the Pueblo Indians the two groups of people formed a strong military and religious alliance while learning and borrowing from each other, forever changing their respective cultures and that of the American Southwest. In 1750, a military garrison was established in Belen for the protection of the missions and the haciendas scattered along the lower river valley. Ten years later, it was developed into a presidio and Belen became an armed protector against Indian marauders for 150 years to come. By 1790, the colonists of the Belen Land Grant had established six semi-military posts with a Commandate in charge of each Plaza. 

Spanish Attempt to Christianize the Pueblo Indians "The American Spanish Inquisition”

      For more than 100 years beginning in 1540, the Pueblo Indians of present-day New Mexico were subjected to successive waves of soldiers, missionaries, and settlers. These encounters, referred to as the Entradas, were characterized by violent confrontations between Spanish colonists and Pueblo peoples. The Tiguex War, fought in the winter of 1540–41 by the expedition of Francisco Vásquez de Coronado against the twelve or thirteen pueblos of Tiwa Indians, was particularly destructive to Pueblo and Spanish relations.

     In 1598 Juan de Oñate led 129 soldiers and 10 Franciscan Catholic priests plus a large number of women, children, servants, slaves, and livestock into the Rio Grande valley of New Mexico. There were at the time approximately 40,000 Pueblo Indians inhabiting the region. Oñate put down a revolt at Acoma Pueblo by killing and enslaving hundreds of the Indians and sentencing 24 men to have their right foot cut off. The Acoma Massacre would instill fear of the Spanish in the region for years to come, though Franciscan missionaries were assigned to several of the Pueblo towns to Christianize the natives.

     The location of the Pueblo villages and their neighbors in early New Mexico.
Spanish colonial policies in the 1500s regarding the humane treatment of Indians were difficult to enforce on the northern frontier. With the establishment of the first permanent colonial settlement in 1598, the Pueblos were forced to provide tribute to the colonists in the form of labor, ground corn and textiles. Encomiendas were soon established by colonists along the Rio Grande, restricting Pueblo access to fertile farmlands and water supplies and placing a heavy burden upon Pueblo labor.[3] Especially egregious to the Pueblo was the assault on their traditional religion. Franciscan priests established theocracies in many of the Pueblo villages. The priests converted the Pueblos to build the Spanish empire in New Mexico. In 1608, it looked as though Spain might abandon the province, the Franciscans baptized seven thousand Pueblos to try to convince the Crown otherwise. Although the Franciscans initially tolerated manifestations of the old religion as long as the Puebloans attended mass and maintained a public veneer of Catholicism, Fray Alonso de Posada (in New Mexico 1656–1665) outlawed Kachina dances by the Pueblo Indians and ordered the missionaries to seize and burn their masks, prayer stick, and effigies. The Franciscan missionaries also forbade the use of entheogenic drugs in the traditional religious ceremonies of the Pueblo. Several Spanish officials, such as Nicolas de Aguilar, who attempted to curb the power of the Franciscans were charged with heresy and tried before the Inquisition.

     In the 1670s drought swept the region, causing a famine among the Pueblo and increased raids by the Apache which Spanish and Pueblo soldiers were unable to prevent. Fray Alonso de Benavides wrote multiple letters to the King, describing the conditions, noting "the Spanish inhabitants and Indians alike to eat hides and straps of carts". The unrest among the Pueblos came to a head in 1675. Governor Juan Francisco Treviño ordered the arrest of forty-seven Pueblo medicine men and accused them of practicing "sorcery". Four medicine men were sentenced to death by hanging; three of those sentences were carried out, while the fourth prisoner committed suicide. The remaining men were publicly whipped and sentenced to prison. When this news reached the Pueblo leaders, they moved in force to Santa Fe, where the prisoners were held. Because a large number of Spanish soldiers were away fighting the Apache, Governor Treviño was forced to accede to the Pueblo demand for the release of the prisoners. Among those released was a San Juan ("Ohkay Owingeh" in the Tewa Language) Indian named "Popé".


     Following his release, Popé, along with a number of other Pueblo leaders (see list below), planned and orchestrated the Pueblo Revolt. Popé took up residence in Taos Pueblo far from the capital of Santa Fe and spent the next five years seeking support for a revolt among the 46 Pueblo towns. He gained the support of the Northern Tiwa, Tewa, Towa, Tano, and Keres-speaking Pueblos of the Rio Grande Valley. The Pecos Pueblo, 50 miles east of the Rio Grande pledged its participation in the revolt as did the Zuni and Hopi, 120 and 200 miles respectively west of the Rio Grande. The Pueblos not joining the revolt were the four southern Tiwa (Tiguex) towns near Santa Fe and the Piro Pueblos south of the principal Pueblo population centers near the present day city of Socorro. The southern Tiwa and the Piro were more thoroughly integrated into Spanish culture than the other groups. The Spanish population of about 2,400, including mixed-blood mestizos, and Indian servants and retainers, was scattered thinly throughout the region. Santa Fe was the only place that approximated being a town. The Spanish could only muster 170 men with arms. The Pueblos joining the revolt probably had 2,000 or more adult men capable of utilizing native weapons such as bows and arrows. It is possible that some Apache and Navajo participated in the revolt.

     The Pueblo revolt was typical of millenarian movements in colonial societies. Popé promised that, once the Spanish were killed or expelled, the ancient Pueblo gods would reward them with health and prosperity. Popé's plan was that the inhabitants of each Pueblo would rise up and kill the Spanish in their area and then all would advance on Santa Fe to kill or expel all the remaining Spanish. The date set for the uprising was August 11, 1680. Popé dispatched runners to all the Pueblos carrying knotted cords. Each morning the Pueblo leadership was to untie one knot from the cord, and when the last knot was untied, that would be the signal for them to rise against the Spaniards in unison. On August 9, however, the Spaniards were warned of the impending revolt by southern Tiwa leaders and they captured two Tesuque Pueblo youths entrusted with carrying the message to the pueblos. They were tortured to make them reveal the significance of the knotted cord.

     Popé then ordered that the revolt begin a day early. The Hopi pueblos located on the remote Hopi Mesas of Arizona did not receive the advanced notice for the beginning of the revolt and followed the schedule for the revolt On August 10, the Pueblos rose up, stole Spanish horses to prevent them fleeing, sealed off roads leading to Santa Fe, and pillaged Spanish settlements. A total of 400 people were killed, including men, women, children, and 21 of the 33 Franciscan missionaries in New Mexico. Survivors fled to Santa Fe and Isleta Pueblo, 10 miles south of Albuquerque and one of the Pueblos that did not participate in the rebellion. By August 13, all the Spanish settlements in New Mexico had been destroyed and Santa Fe was besieged. The Pueblo surrounded the city and cut off its water supply. In desperation, on August 21, New Mexico Governor Antonio de Otermín, barricaded in the Governor’s Palace, sallied outside the palace with all of his available men and forced the Pueblo to retreat with heavy losses. He then led the Spaniards out of the city and retreated southward along the Rio Grande, headed for El Paso del Norte. The Pueblo shadowed the Spaniards but did not attack. The Spaniards who had taken refuge in Isleta had also retreated southward on August 15 and on September 6 the two groups of survivors, numbering 1,946, met at Socorro. About 500 of the survivors were Indian slaves. They were escorted to El Paso by a Spanish supply train. The Pueblo did not contest their passage out of New Mexico.

Popé's world

     The Palace of the Governors in Santa Fe, seen here in a 1930s postcard, was besieged by the Pueblo in August 1680.

     The retreat of the Spaniards left New Mexico in the power of the Pueblos. Popé was a mysterious figure in the history of the southwest as there are many tales of what happened to him and among the Pueblos after the revolt. Later testimony to the Spanish by Pueblo Indians was probably colored by anti-Popé sentiments and a desire to tell the Spanish what they wanted to hear.

     Apparently, Popé and his two lieutenants, Alonso Catiti from Santo Domingo and Luis Tupatu from Picuris, traveled from town to town ordering a return "to the state of their antiquity." All crosses, churches, and Christian images were to be destroyed. The people were ordered to cleanse themselves in ritual baths, to use their Pueblo names, and to destroy all vestiges of the Roman Catholic religion and Spanish culture, including Spanish livestock and fruit trees. Popé, it was said, forbade the planting of wheat and barley and commanded those Indians who had been married according to the rites of the Catholic Church to dismiss their wives and to take others after the old native tradition.

     The Pueblo had no tradition of political unity. Each pueblo was self-governing and some, or all, apparently resisted Popé's demands for a return to a pre-Spanish existence. The paradise Popé had promised when the Spanish were expelled did not materialize. A drought continued, destroying Pueblo crops, and the raids by Apache and Navajo increased. Initially, however, the Pueblos were united in their objective of preventing a return of the Spanish.

     Popé was deposed as the leader of the Pueblos about a year after the revolt and disappears from history. He is believed to have died shortly before the Spanish reconquest in 1692.

Spanish attempt to return

     The most important cause of the Pueblo Revolt was probably the attempt of the Spanish to destroy their religion, banning traditional dances and religious icons such as these kachina dolls.

     In November 1681, Otermin attempted to return to New Mexico. He assembled a force of 146 Spanish and an equal number of Indian soldiers in El Paso and marched north along the Rio Grande. He first encountered the Piro pueblos which had been abandoned and their churches destroyed. At Isleta pueblo he fought a brief battle with the inhabitants and then accepted their surrender. Staying in Isleta, he dispatched a company of soldiers and Indians to establish Spanish authority. The Pueblo feigned surrender while gathering a large force to oppose Otermin. With the threat of a Pueblo attack growing, on January 1, 1682 Otermin decided to return to El Paso, burning pueblos and taking the people of Isleta with him. The first Spanish attempt to regain control of New Mexico had failed.

     Some of the Isleta later returned to New Mexico, but others remained in El Paso, living in the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo. The Piro also moved to El Paso to live among the Spaniards, eventually forming part of the Piro, Manso, and Tiwa tribe.

     The Spanish were never able to re-convince some Pueblos to join Santa Fe de Nuevo México, and the Spanish often returned seeking peace instead of reconquest. For example, the Hopi remained free of any Spanish attempt at reconquest; though they did, at several non-violent attempts, try for unsuccessful peace treaties and unsuccessful trade agreements. For some Pueblos, the Revolt was a success in their aim to drive away European influence.


     The Spanish return to New Mexico was prompted by their fears of French advances into the Mississippi valley and their desire to create a defense frontier against the increasingly aggressive nomadic Indians on their northern borders. In August 1692, Diego de Vargas marched to Santa Fe unopposed along with a converted Zia war captain, Bartolomé de Ojeda. De Vargas, with only sixty soldiers, one hundred Indian auxiliaries, seven cannons (which he used as leverage against the Pueblo inside Santa Fe), and one Franciscan priest, arrived at Santa Fe on September 13. He promised the 1,000 Pueblo people assembled there clemency and protection if they would swear allegiance to the King of Spain and return to the Christian faith. After a while the Pueblo rejected the Spaniards. After much persuading, the Spanish finally made the Pueblo agree to peace. On September 14, 1692, de Vargas proclaimed a formal act of repossession. It was the thirteenth town he had reconquered for God and King in this manner, he wrote jubilantly to the Conde de Galve, viceroy of New Spain. During the next month de Vargas visited other Pueblos and accepted their acquiescence to Spanish rule.

     Though the 1692 agreement to peace was bloodless, in the years that followed de Vargas maintained increasingly severe control over the increasingly defiant Pueblo. De Vargas returned to Mexico and gathered together about 800 people, including 100 soldiers, and returned to Santa Fe in December 1693. This time, however, 70 Pueblo warriors and 400 family members within the town opposed his entry. De Vargas and his forces staged a quick and bloody recapture that concluded with the surrender and execution of the 70 Pueblo warriors and with their families sentenced to ten years' servitude.

     In 1696 the Indians of fourteen pueblos attempted a second organized revolt, launched with the murders of five missionaries and thirty-four settlers and using weapons the Spanish themselves had traded to the Indians over the years; de Vargas's retribution was unmerciful, thorough and prolonged. By the end of the century the last resisting Pueblo town had surrendered and the Spanish reconquest was essentially complete. Many of the Pueblos, however, fled New Mexico to join the Apache or Navajo or to attempt to re-settle on the Great Plains. One of their settlements has been found in Kansas at El Quartalejo.

     While the independence of many pueblos from the Spaniards was short-lived, the Pueblo Revolt gained the Pueblo Indians a measure of freedom from future Spanish efforts to eradicate their culture and religion following the reconquest. Moreover, the Spanish issued substantial land grants to each Pueblo and appointed a public defender to protect the rights of the Indians and argue their legal cases in the Spanish courts. The Franciscan priests returning to New Mexico did not again attempt to impose a theocracy on the Pueblo who continued to practice their traditional religion.

~Article collage from Wikipedia~ 

Solving the Decalogue Stone
The Stan Fox Translation

Vatian Kol an expert on proto Hebrew Characters in writing states;

"The hebrew translation, Bret, is trying by all means to legitimize the script as their own; as naturally at this point the problem starts!

18th and in particular 19th century are notoriously known for fake works. Therefore before asking the question of: what does the script represent: ritual or religious reasons, there must be decided of what kind of language has been applied on the Decalogue Stone: Latin?, Cirlik?, Illyrik?, etc,.

As I asked you earlier, about the bottom/first line damaged: That's not because of the natives 'basic warning', (if that was the case then they could’ve easily chisel the whole structure, even without leaving a single bitt of trace around), but according to my experience, I think: apart from the deceive-conversion of the principal characters, such as the *X one into horizontal hebrew character *A, technically in the first line, there is not enough space between words, to somehow clearly justify the translation from ancient hebrew, as you’ve agreed".

Intermediate Script referred to as Proto or Ancient Hebrew also it was suggested by scholars that it is an old version of the Ten Commandments with letter groupings resembling the Tetragrammaton suggesting that it is a Samaritan mezuzah.  I agree with this, and the following is what I believe the reasons were.

I believe the writing occurred during Spanish Indian War (Pueblo Revolt) 1500's written by an early colonist during the Spanish inquisition which targeted what they called Converso Jewish meaning forced to convert to Catholicism for fear of death from the inquisition. Some of these early pioneers of New mexico were in fact secret Jews practicing their religion in secret places like the location of the Decalogue Stone.

In 1598, when Juan de Onate took the first colonists north to make a permanent settlement, his band of 135 soldiers, farmers, and their families were reluctant travelers. But some of them were under investigation by the Inquisition, making removal to even so unpromising a destination advisable. Indication is strong that several of those on the muster roll of January 8 were conversos who had been recruited because they were already on the lists of the Holy Office. Juan, Miguel, and Antonio Rodriguez and Francisco Herniindez had, in fact, already been burned in effigy two years before. Their families and friends could only have wished to follow them into the wilderness to find freedom, however limited and tenuous, to preserve the traditions of their ancestors. Many did in the subsequent decades.

Today I believe this artifact serves as a reminder of the rich history of the area for which I live and the bloody history of wars is not a reflection on those who have faith in the creator. It is also a reminder of where we came from in antiquity. A symbol of the stars with clues to our world language of origin. We are all connected in this way through genetic memory, and the trauma of mistakes made in the past concerning ritual abuse. No one owns anything, and no one ever dies. Lets not repeat the mistakes made by our ancestors, but rather grow spiritually as one, within a universal mind.